Do car thieves use suction cups

How car thieves steal

A popular method that car thieves use to steal vehicles is by using suction cups. This type of theft is known as ‘Suck and Go’. How does it work? A thief will place a large suction cup on the door of the car and then use a long wire to pull the door open.

Use a Slim Jim

Slim Jims are long, thin metal rods that are inserted into the crack between a car door and its frame. Once the rod is inserted, the thief uses a hooking motion to trigger the locking mechanism, which opens the door.

Use a wire hanger

To steal a car, one popular method that thieves use is to use a wire hanger. First, the thief will find an unlocked car door. Then, they will take the wire hanger and make a small hook. Next, they will insert the hook into the car door and pull up, which will unlock the door. Finally, they will reach in and start the car.

Use a screwdriver

Most car thieves use a screwdriver to enter a locked car. The thief will insert the screwdriver into the door or window of the car and then twist it until the lock pops open. This is the most common method of entry for car thieves, and it can be very effective if the thief knows what he or she is doing.

How to prevent your car from being stolen

One popular method that car thieves use is suction cups. This is where they attach a suction cup to your car door and then use a Slim Jim to unlock the door. If you’re worried about your car being stolen, there are a few things you can do to prevent it. In this article, we’ll go over some of the best ways to prevent your car from being stolen.

Get a car alarm

One of the simplest ways you can secure your vehicle is by getting a car alarm. Many thieves will look for an easy target, and a car without an alarm is an easy target. Even if your car doesn’t have an alarm system installed, you can purchase one relatively cheaply and have it installed by a professional.

In addition to sounding an alarm when someone tries to break into your car, some car alarms will also disable the ignition, making it more difficult for a thief to drive away with your vehicle. Some newer models of car alarms also come with GPS tracking, so even if a thief does manage to drive away with your car, you can track its location and hopefully recover it before it’s been sold or dismantled for parts.

Get an immobilizer

An immobilizer is an electronic device fitted to an automobile which prevents the engine from running unless the correct transponder key (or other token) is present. This type of device was first used on German cars in the mid-1990s, and has now become almost universal.

There are many different types of immobilizer, but they all work in broadly the same way:

The immobilizer system consists of a transponder key (or other token) and a reader located in the ignition system.

The transponder key contains a small chip which is programmed with a unique code. This code is matched to a code stored in the immobilizer reader.

When the car owner inserts the key into the ignition, the reader sends a signal to the chip. The chip responds by sending back its unique code.

If the code sent by the chip matches the code stored in the reader, then the reader will allow the car to start. If not, then the car will not start.

Get a LoJack

The best way to prevent your car from being stolen is to get a LoJack. This is a device that emits a signal that can be tracked by law enforcement, so if your car is stolen, they can find it and return it to you. There are also some things you can do to make your car less attractive to thieves, such as keeping it in a well-lit area and getting an alarm system.

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